Comprehensive Sourcing (C-Sourcing™)

Comprehensive Sourcing is a cloud-based, direct material sourcing tool that brings your supply chain into the 21st century. By leveraging innovative Spend Analysis and Total Cost Management features, C-Sourcing™ identifies gaps in your sourcing process and executes on areas of untapped potential.


C-Sourcing™ from Sourcing Simple, Inc. gives direct material sourcing a modern-day makeover. Uncover hidden savings through Spend Analytics, streamline your Production Part Approval Process, and let C-Sourcing™ turn your direct material sourcing into savings. -

Closed Loop Sourcing

Finally close the loop in your production lifecyle and use C-Sourcing™ to increase your value and savings during future sourcing initiatives.

 Pinpoint areas of critical success

 Capture savings

 Standardize sourcing best practices.



Spend Analysis (C-Spend)
Contract Management (C-Contact)
Supplier Implementation (C-Savings)
Compliance (C-Compliance)
Supplier Management

Online Contract Manufacturing Exchange


Job Shop Exchange®

Job Shop Exchange® is an Online Contract Manufacturing Exchange that connects custom parts buyers with contract manufacturers throughout North America.

The core strength of the Job Shop Exchange® platform lies in its ability to streamline and simply the RFQ creation process. Real-time Collaboration features give buyers a seamless channel to communicate with stakeholders, resulting in improved accuracy and cycle times for all parties. Maximize savings reduce waste by utilizing Annotation tools to clarify design specifications.

Job Shop Exchange® gives manufactures unprecedented access to opportunities that can expand their operations and reduce idle machine time. This disruptive service lets small to mid-market manufactures drastically cut down customer acquisition costs as they compete for new business.