Sourcing Simple solutions are utilized in a variety of industries and sectors.

C-Sourcing™ helps global manufactures identify savings opportunities, optimize cycle-times, and strengthen their global supply chains. Schedule a demo to see what C-Sourcing™ can do for you.


Aerospace and Defense

Organizations specializing in general aviation, aerospace, and military contracting have been forced to adapt their sourcing initiatives to meet the demands of a highly-globalized world.

As A&D organizations seek to vertically integrate their global operations, additional stress is placed on their current supply chain. Intellectual Property protection, Regulatory Compliance, contract adherence, and spend management are key areas for concern.

C-Sourcing™ by Sourcing Simple™ offers organizations an all-in-one solution to protect their IP, ensure compliance, and capture and hold savings.


Consumer Goods

The single biggest driver for change in the consumer goods industry has been globalization. Low Cost Country sourcing and emerging market penetration are only two among the many challenges faced by the contemporary consumer goods manufacturer.

Consumer goods leaders utilize Sourcing Simple’s solutions to maximize on notoriously slim margins, rapidly accelerate product cycle-times, and minimize supply chain risk and Purchase Price Variance (PPV).


In an industry where innovation is paramount, companies are forever battling to stay ahead of the curve. As the demands of the global consumer evolve, and as market disruptions occur, manufacturers need a comprehensive array of solutions to optimize their global supply networks.

Sourcing Simple™ offers high-tech manufacturers the ability to:

 Gain in-depth, real-time insight into their capital and operational expenditures through total spend analytics and total cost management tools (C-Spend).

 Slash product-development lifecycles, safely share intellectual property, and ensure supplier regulatory compliance through contract management (C-Contract).




Biotechnology firms and medical device manufactures have identified the business opportunity resulting from an aging global population. Consequently, these opportunities have spurred rapid expansion into previously untapped markets and driven an increase in product specialization.

Perfecting a global sourcing strategy that can accommodate this new trend is only half the battle; the other half is creating a supply chain that is flexible enough to handle your new strategy.

Biotech and medical device Manufacturers rely on Sourcing Simple solutions to better inform their buying decisions, add versatility to their supply chains, minimize waste, and maximize savings.


Not only do automotive manufacturers have to manage critical strategic partnerships within their multi-layered supply networks, they also need the ability to withstand increasing pressure from regulatory agencies.

In addition to meeting the increased demand coming from the emerging markets, automotive makers need powerful, comprehensive sourcing solutions to power their operations.

Sourcing Simple gives these businesses the tools to:

 Develop high-precision, high-performance supplier networks to serve their evolving demands.

 Capture savings and increase value from suppliers without compromising product integrity.

 Drive cross-functional, organization-wide collaboration to share best practices and identify aftermarket opportunities.